This is Riley Kleww's creation blog, where I will be posting all sorts of arts and crafts, including but not limited to: Drawings, Short Stories, Videos/Animations, Songs, Dolls, Cosplays, and whatever else I feel belongs on here!
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So I edited the red wolf character second from the left. His name is Hotshot and I basically worked on his design a bit because it was previously bothering me.

Now, I really like how he looks and I think I’m gonna keep it~

I was practicing in that comic book style again.

I think I’m getting the hang of it… I seem to be pretty good at it.


I painted/finished the sketch of Gillwing.

Unlikely Friends, don’t you think?

Okay, I think these two are adorable friends. While they’re polar opposites, they compliment each other and together make the ideal team to help visitors. NiGHTS being too antsy to sit still for needed explanations and Owl too old to keep up with energetic visitors.

NiGHTS totally doesn’t see him as an uncle or even a father. lol nope.

for this prompt.

Daa da da Daa da da…

You know, Bomamba has been my favorite second level only because she gave me a challenge when I was beating the games, but now, she’s also growing on me as a character. Drawn for this prompt.

"If only… They were here too…"

"Then, I wouldn’t be alone with you.

I may or may not also write a one shot for this prompt, but for now here is a doodle for this challenge.

Admit it, these two are adorable. 

NiD art challenge response to this prompt.

"Happy new year, Visitors!"

I was a bit behind on the NiD challenge blog, so insert spam of doodles here.

This was for the prompt here.

A quick-ish doodle of William Taylor and Helen Cartwright.

I was vent doodling my original character and I decided to make it more like a manga/graphic novel/screen tone look.